Astoria – tall beds & Original settlements

Astoria…hmmm. Micro brewery beers_ yummy- sushi fresh from the sea. Friendly folks, steep hills, ocean, Columbia river, Lewis & Clark – bridges, Mexican restaurants (?) , cool temps, yummy fish…long drive. We did stop @ Gig Harbor for lunch – very lovely. We are exploring sea towns and so excited to get to Cannon Beach tomorow. Today we watched the evergreens give way to deciduous, forests to fields…yet water does not waiver but in form – marsh, inlet, river, harbor, sea. So fresh, so green, so delicious. Hotel Elliott in Astoria is charmingly restored, comfy with beds one climbs into with open windows welcoming cool sea breezes into our spacious rooms. Tomorrow…LAUNDRY.

A brief Emily Carr note – Mary informs me that there is a crater on Venus named after Emily Carr! We love her. JJ out



Astoria Oregon

Arrived after our longest drive. Hotel has a charming rooftop and we are off for a walkabout while we still have the light. Only a few restaurants are open but we can always referred to some wine we bought on the roof deck.

Watching Murray sail through the 4th round.

More later with impressions of a northwestern town

Vancouver is so civilized

Starbucks for breakfast then a lovely drive with Tomasina leading the way to the Museum of Anthropology. MOA This is a remarkable place that pays homage to the native people. Learned that totem poles are now referred to as poles only since totem depicts worship which was not the purpose of the poles. The poles were used primarily to hold up the house, or to mark the house so you know which family lived there. The building is quite special and worth a visit. Learned about the Haidi people which also interested Emily Carr.

Then we arrived at our fabulous hotel, The Loden. My kind of place. Dinner at L’Abattoir where I felt like a judge on a cooking show – large white plates containing colorful little delights. The couple next to us were delightful and the wife was a city of Vancouver gardener so Janis had all sorts of things to talk to her about.

Morning of labor day as I write this and its time to get on the road. Next stop Gig harbor and Astoria.

Mary out


Totem Poles in Victoria



We arrived in Victoria on a early ferry from Port Angeles,WA. A bit strange to see civilazation after out extraordinary day in Olympic National Park. no trouble at the border crossing but the agent was quite strick. In fact he as the only half-way dour Canadian we have come across.

Staying at the inner harbor so everything is within walking distance. Went on the rickety hop on hop off to see a bit more of the area. The residentail areas are very nice. Something mid-century looking about the homes and especialy the apartments buildings.

Made our way to the art gallery and saw a wonderful exhibitnon on Emily Carr, a native of Victoria active in the 30s and 40s. Work is magnificent. Check this out.

Taxi driver broight us to a supermarket and wine store not far from out hotel and we stocked up on whole wheat sour dough bread, cheese , appleas and wine. Jan trusted me to run around the shop while she plopped down with our bags and baggalinis which had multiplied throughout the day.

Caught the third set of Roddick match in a local pub then crashed big time.

Peace out Mary

Victoria to Horseshoe Bay

After a relaxed day in charming Victoria we set off for Butchart gardens – 200 acres of flowers – roses, heliotrope, snowballs, fushia – delicious, delightful. Weather has been perfect – sunny but cool. A drive to Nainaimo took us to the ferry and tonight we sleep in Horseshoe Bay, leaving early for Vancouver in the morning.  Tall, ancient trees, air fragrant with sea and pIne and flowers, blue skies, mysterious mountains behind veils of cloud.  

Discovered Emily Carr in Victoria at the Victoria art Gallery. Excellent discovery – we both loved her work  JJ

We are back on the grid!

Mary here…Hanging out in Port Angeles waiting for the ferry to Victoria bc. We have had a wonderful 2 days to begin our trip. Have not met any vampires but understand why they choose to live here.

Travelling from PDX to Kalaloch Lodge (pronounced clay lock – go figure) was a cinch and the cabin was homey. Will add some photos later when we land for the night.

Visited Ruby beach, Sol Duc falls – 0.8 mile hike in and out – quite lush.

Dinner at Kalaloch lodge was fine and the waitress got a kick out of our exchange over dessert. Marion Berry crumble sounded like Marion Barry crumbe to me so i asked if the dessert was named afer the discraced mayor of LA? We are cracking up as we write this. Mary

Correction: Marion Barry was the mayor of DC not LA – thank you Barbara..


And we are off!

Both landing in Portland just before midday – I splurged on first class for a $169 fee.  With a 6 hour flight and not much sleep the night before – those comfy seats are CALLING me.


Goodnight all and safe travels