Astoria – tall beds & Original settlements

Astoria…hmmm. Micro brewery beers_ yummy- sushi fresh from the sea. Friendly folks, steep hills, ocean, Columbia river, Lewis & Clark – bridges, Mexican restaurants (?) , cool temps, yummy fish…long drive. We did stop @ Gig Harbor for lunch – very lovely. We are exploring sea towns and so excited to get to Cannon Beach tomorow. Today we watched the evergreens give way to deciduous, forests to fields…yet water does not waiver but in form – marsh, inlet, river, harbor, sea. So fresh, so green, so delicious. Hotel Elliott in Astoria is charmingly restored, comfy with beds one climbs into with open windows welcoming cool sea breezes into our spacious rooms. Tomorrow…LAUNDRY.

A brief Emily Carr note – Mary informs me that there is a crater on Venus named after Emily Carr! We love her. JJ out



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