Totem Poles in Victoria


We arrived in Victoria on a early ferry from Port Angeles,WA. A bit strange to see civilazation after out extraordinary day in Olympic National Park. no trouble at the border crossing but the agent was quite strick. In fact he as the only half-way dour Canadian we have come across.

Staying at the inner harbor so everything is within walking distance. Went on the rickety hop on hop off to see a bit more of the area. The residentail areas are very nice. Something mid-century looking about the homes and especialy the apartments buildings.

Made our way to the art gallery and saw a wonderful exhibitnon on Emily Carr, a native of Victoria active in the 30s and 40s. Work is magnificent. Check this out.

Taxi driver broight us to a supermarket and wine store not far from out hotel and we stocked up on whole wheat sour dough bread, cheese , appleas and wine. Jan trusted me to run around the shop while she plopped down with our bags and baggalinis which had multiplied throughout the day.

Caught the third set of Roddick match in a local pub then crashed big time.

Peace out Mary


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