We are back on the grid!

Mary here…Hanging out in Port Angeles waiting for the ferry to Victoria bc. We have had a wonderful 2 days to begin our trip. Have not met any vampires but understand why they choose to live here.

Travelling from PDX to Kalaloch Lodge (pronounced clay lock – go figure) was a cinch and the cabin was homey. Will add some photos later when we land for the night.

Visited Ruby beach, Sol Duc falls – 0.8 mile hike in and out – quite lush.

Dinner at Kalaloch lodge was fine and the waitress got a kick out of our exchange over dessert. Marion Berry crumble sounded like Marion Barry crumbe to me so i asked if the dessert was named afer the discraced mayor of LA? We are cracking up as we write this. Mary

Correction: Marion Barry was the mayor of DC not LA – thank you Barbara..



And we are off!

Both landing in Portland just before midday – I splurged on first class for a $169 fee.  With a 6 hour flight and not much sleep the night before – those comfy seats are CALLING me.


Goodnight all and safe travels

An Itinerary in formation

The Rough:

8/29- Arrive In Portland, Oregon  and drive to

Olympic National Park which we will explore the next day.

8/30 – 8/31 Head to Victoria BC and explore

9/1-2  Vancouver, Look out!

9/3-6 Drive South down the Oregon Coast

9/6-7 – Crater Lake Calls

9/8-9 Drive to Ashland and explore area

9/-10 Make our Way back to Portland and stay there 9-10

9-11 Depart Portland

Some towns to check out on Oregon Coast:

Gold Beach       

       Cannon Beach



Washington: Gig Harbor