JJ Checks in

I am test driving the blog as Mary will be test driving the car.  I think having the license will definitely relax her!  Don’t know if we’ll make it to Vancouver – will haev to check out miles but there is much to explore in Oregon and Washington.



Collecting some information on activities here:

South Oregon

Coast Drive:  http://www.oregoncoasttravel.net/



Pacific Northwest Article


Seems that there is a ferry from Port Angles at the north part of the park to Vancouver or Victoria BC

Mt Rainier

  • You may recall that Janis and I have a history of including gondola rides in our trips.  In Norway, we rode the oldest gondola (seemed that way).  Then I dragged her to one in Napa Valley – Wine was bad but the view was nice.



Dates are getting firmer

J is back in Texas now and with August upon us we can choose the dates. I like August 30 through September 11. I think it is a good statement to fly on that infamous date.

I’m thinking in and out of Portland as the trip north will be slow and include ferries but the ride south will be more of a ‘just get there damn it’ kind of speed. Returning to Portland would also allow us to go south of Portland for a day or two as well. Perhaps a little Shakespeare in Ashland is in order.

We’ve got a plan!

Janis and I have some time off together this summer so we are planning a road trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Fans of our Viking adventure in Denmark and Norway will remember that there will be much adventure along the way.  First step is the plan.  We sort of have a plan…….the beginning of a plan.

Here are some site that I found that look good.





The basic plan is to land in Portland and head north with stops in Seattle and Vancouver but return to Portland to end the trip south of Portland in Ashland and the Gold Coast.  There is some nice wine to be tasted in the Willamette Valley.  I will also be searching for restaurants that carry Hall wines which are not so available on the east coast.  Hall became a favorite after our trip to Napa in December.

Oh and relax everybody – I am getting my driver’s license so Janis does not have to do all the driving!