Post post – Crater Lake

Repeat after me, “Incredibly Blue”. Clarity. We got there in good time through the twisty turns of pine forests, over the Umquat, past the colliding rivers, down to Ft Klamath & back again to meet the trolley & ranger for our guided tour. Splendid. Wizard Island to the phantom ship and up to the pinnacle…and down again with tales of founders, gold miners and those who have added to the legends by giving their lives in an ill advised photo op or insistence on a better view. Stand back.

One of the great national park lodges provided our afternoon tea in comfort with dazzling views. Then a long sojourn of hairpin turns, dappled light and delicious cool air en route to Ashland.





Lovely morning in Ashland

Last night we met the flat bed with replacement car in the Safeway lot as he would never have found our cottage or been able to fit down the alley. It was scary to drive even the 4 blocks to the meeting point. So, yea, we travel back in new Blue.

Cool night- perfect sleeping weather- window open to cool gentle breezes. We awoke well rested and headed off to breakfast in our new blue Ford escape.

After b’fst we strolled along the creek browsing through local artists’ stalls and Lithia park & the sidewalk sale.

We’ve taken to having tea in the afternoon which we both enjoy – a
break, a pick me up, a lovely ritual. Today we had late-lunch/early tea as we’ll have early dinner before Henry V tonight- outside. Should be a lively cool night- in the ’50’s.

Thoroughly enjoying Ashland.



Escaping the Ford Escape

After 3 days of hairpin turns through glorious mountains arrived in Ashland – as charming as I remembered but bigger. Unfortunately our car has developed insurmountable turning problems and as the nearest car rental office is in Portland, we won’t get a replacement car until 8-10 pm. We’re just happy it happened after we arrived in town.

Lovely spa treatments have set us back on course. After dinner some kinda car will appear.

Ashland as charming as ever. Great weather. Crazy beautiful.


Ghost ship Crater Lake


Bandon don’t A

Bandon…super crazy beautiful. Cedars growing out of dunes, massive rocks launching out of the sea, pines veiled in mists of clouds evaporating into light and sun and bursts of color from crystal water blues to tall green and gold leaves of rich brown cattails. Seagulls and waves intermingle in fleeing wisps of whites. A small town awaits where we’ll find a cup a tea. Lovely homes surround the sea if one looks for them. Loving Bandon!

Mary naps as i blog, watching the wild winds blow tomorrow into sight when we leave the coast to explore the route to Crater lake. My intrigue with Oregon increases rather than diminishes. Cool weather revitalizes – jj


Cannon Beach

Love Cannon Beach!! Charming town complete with restaurants, galleries and a theatre. Shingled houses with hydrangea, roses, princess flowers, baskets of petunias and hilly wild dunes. And haystack rock and his brethren! Only drawback to this area is that it’s tsunami territory all along the coast. Evacuation routes & instructions in every stop & road signs along the way.

Hoping to see salmon jumping. – jj



Cannon beach and Yachats

Driving down the coast now and stopping in little town. J is still asleep and I’m doing to laundry. We are about mid trip so it must be done. Visited the Blue heron French cheese shop and farm yesterday. Cheese is great.

I’m watch the pacific crash on the rocks as I write this. Complete fog but we are told sin is brilliant south of here which is where we are headed. Love this picture from yesterday.